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HRweb provides a 'turnkey'

HRIS software

solution designed for the entire company and accessible from anywhere in the world. A web based solution that lets you effectively track and evaluate the




, and activities of your employees. It features an intuitive interface that addresses

employee management

tasks and processes including

performance reviews

and appraisals, tracking





incident tracking

. HRweb is available for a reasonable monthly subscription rate or it can be hosted on your organization's web server.


employee tracking

Employee Tracking

Our employee module offers powerful and comprehensive Human Resource capabilities; providing the functionality you need to tackle the most challenging HR issues. This feature-rich HR module includes full benefit administration, job history, compensation management, EEOC reports in addition to other core data. Rest assured; you won't find another package that's easier to use. Your employee data can be easily imported from a spreadsheet or csv file.

employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Create a better experience for your new employees. It has never been easier to assign tasks to your staff or to the new employee. See the progress of Onboarding with a simple click of a mouse. Provide a smoother process for new employees.

employee reviews

Employee Reviews

Create professional-quality reviews in minutes. Employee appraisals made easy and painless for managers with 1000?s of pre-written sentences that have passed legal review. Our employee performance evaluation form is flexible and customizable to match to your corporate policies. Invite employees to participate in Self Reviews or 360 Reviews. Create unlimited Review templates.

Attendance PTO




Take control of absenteeism and the associated costs. A comprehensive solution that accounts for the many types of employee absences, from vacations to sick, FMLA to comp time. Create unlimited Accrual Plans that will calculate attendance balances automatically based on your organizational policies. Built in attendance approval system that automatically generates emails. Smart phone friendly interface for requesting time off.

Time Tacking Scheduling

Time Tracking



Employees can clock in / out from a computer, cell phone, or ZK brand Time Clock. You can easily schedule shifts with a click of the mouse. The Time Tracking option combined with the existing PTO / Leave tracking in HRweb provides your organization with a comprehensive Time and Attendance process.

Employee Goals

Employee Goals

An effective goals management solution that lays-out clear cut responsibilities for each employee; giving your managers the ability to create, communicate, and monitor the progress for goals for any period of time. It provides your organization with a powerful tool to help develop your critical talent all year round.

Employee Behaviour

Employee Behaviour

HRweb includes modules for tracking employee activities and behavior. You can track Employee Training History, training costs, and and get reminded when employees are scheduled for training. you can track Employee Incidents allowing you to document employee issues such as excessive absenteeism, customer complaints, work accidents, and much more. Creates an incident report that can be signed by employees and managers. Track Employee Accomplishments such as customer compliments, awards, exceeding expectations on a project, and much more. Print out an award that can be presented to employees.


Our feature rich recruitment solution can be used for any kind of organization. Allows you and your team to quickly locate, track and manage your best applicants for each open position. Track key candidates through each stage of the hiring process, making you recruitment process easier than ever. Post jobs that applicants can view within your career center. Includes an Applicant Interface that allows applicants to apply for jobs directly.

Document Management

Document Management

Helps you become more organized. Quickly retrieve all your important files from one location. Create your own custom library for your organization.



Control who has the ability to Edit, Add, Delete, or access reports within any given module. Set security levels for each separate manager to only view employees that report to them while providing an overview for senior management. Include or exclude access to any given module.