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Take control of absenteeism and the associated costs. A comprehensive solution that accounts for the many types of employee absences, from vacations to sick, FMLA to comp time. Create unlimited Accrual Plans that will calculate attendance balances automatically based on your organizational policies. Built in attendance approval system that automatically generates emails. Smart phone friendly interface for requesting time off.

  • Employees can request time off or check their balances directly
  • Smart Phone friendly EZ mode that allows employees to request time off
  • Unlimited Accrual types
  • Color coded attendance types
  • Table view for individual records of each attendance type
  • Overview tab that provides a summary of all Attendance totals
  • Define your organization’s Holiday schedule
  • Insert File Attachments
  • Email Reminders
  • Includes Reports/Graphs

  • Time Tracking / Scheduling Option - add this to your account by selecting 'Settings' and then choosing 'Subscription Plan' within HRweb
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